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Street Address:
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Email Address
Home Phone
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What is your occupation?
How long have you been at your current job?
Work Phone:
Work Address:
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Who shares your household?
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Significant Other



Live Alone

If you have children, what are their ages?
Does anyone in your household have allergies to animals?
If Yes, how will this be managed?
What type of home do you live in?
If other, explain:
Do you own or rent?
If you rent, do you have written permission to have animals in your home?
If you rent, please provide your landlord's name and phone number Name:


If you rent, do you share your yard with any other tenants?
Do you have a completely fenced yard?
What type of fence?
If other, please explain: 
What is the height of your fence (at the lowest point)?
Which of the following is used to secure your gate:
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Do not lock the gate because:

Do you have a gardener, house keeper or pool cleaner?
If yes, where will the dog be while they are working?
Do you trust the workers not to let the dog out?       Explain:
Do you have any poisons (rat, mouse, or snail bait) where the animal will be kept?
Is someone home during the day?    If yes, who? 

How many hours will the dog be alone during the day?
If you work full time away from home, what are your plans for the dog during that time away?
Where will the dog be kept during the day?
Where will the dog be kept during the night?
Do you currently have any pets?
If Yes, please provide the following information  

Current Pet 1:

  Type of Pet (Dog, Cat, Bird, etc.)
  Current on Vaccinations
  How do you feel this pet will adjust to a new animal?

Current Pet 2:

  Type of Pet (Dog, Cat, Bird, etc.)
  Current on Vaccinations
  How do you feel this pet will adjust to a new animal?

Current Pet 3:

  Type of Pet (Dog, Cat, Bird, etc.)
  Current on Vaccinations
  How do you feel this pet will adjust to a new animal?

Current Pet 4:

  Type of Pet (Dog, Cat, Bird, etc.)
  Current on Vaccinations
  How do you feel this pet will adjust to a new animal?
Which of the following would you use for flea control?
(Check all that applies)
Flea Spray

Flea Bath

Flea Collar

Herbal Flea Collar

Flea Busters

Flea Comb

Program, Advantage or Frontline

What is a behavior that would not be acceptable to you?
What method of discipline will you use if your dog chews up your favorite shoes?
(Check all that applies)
Swat nose

Spank with hand

Spank fanny with newspaper

Stern voice


Other:  Explain 

What method do you intend to use to housetrain your dog?
In which of the following situations would you allow your dog off leash?
(Check all that applies)
Public Park



Neighborhood Walk

My front yard

Dog Park

Other:  Explain 

Please provide us with 2 personal references:  
Personal Reference 1 Name and Phone Name:


Personal Reference 2 Name and Phone Name:


Are you willing to have a representative from Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund
come to see where the pet will be living?
If no, why?
How did you hear about Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund?
Would you like to be added to our mailing list?
Do you have any comments or additional information that you feel is necessary in consideration for becoming a foster family?

To validate human entry of this form, please answer the following question:

How many dogs are in the picture below?  One, Two or Three? 



Fostering an Animal

Maybe you’re not up to adopting yet, but you’d like to experience being a dog owner on a trial basis. Providing a temporary foster home for a dog is an excellent way to enjoy some canine company on a short-term basis. It also provides a valuable service to the shelter--by offering your home to one dog, you are providing an overcrowded shelter with the space to house an additional dog onsite.

A foster home is valuable because it gives the dog a chance to rebuild his or her self-esteem. Being lost and ending up in a Shelter is a very disorienting experience for a family pet. Often they feel like they have done something wrong, and become depressed and discouraged. you should always try to find a dog you like but why buy you should adopt a dog they give as much love as other dogs about themselves again.

Other reasons shelters and dog rescues use foster homes are to provide dogs recovering from an illness or injury with a quieter atmosphere than the kennel or to give newborn puppies around-the-clock care. Many dog rescuers rely on fosters to provide feedback about the general temperament and degree of obedience displayed by dogs while in their care, as a gauge for finding a suitable home and owner for the dog.

Before fostering a companion animal, most organizations require that you first take a few training classes. Other qualifications for participating in animal foster care programs include:
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Most dog rescues will ask you to be available to speak to potential adopters about the pet’s personality and needs and some may require you to bring the dog back onsite to meet qualified applicants. Remember, you always have the option of adopting your foster dog yourself if you discover you’ve found your perfect pet.

Courtesy of
A comfortably sized room where your dog can be confined during the day while you’re at work.
A consistent schedule, on which the dog can expect meals, walks, etc. at around the same time every day
A fenced yard with at least a 6-foot tall fence
Pets already living in the household must be vaccinated, altered, and well-socialized
Plenty of patience
If you are ready to open your heart and your home by providing
short term fostering to  homeless animals, please complete our Foster Home Application.
If you are unable to submit this online application, or would prefer to fill it in by hand,
click here to download this application in PDF format.  You will need Adobe Reader to open this attached form.