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Ways To Help
• Go Shopping

It just can't get any easier than this.  

You can help homeless animals just by shopping.
Shop for things you already use and buy each month ... shop for gift for others.
There are several options for you.
Shop Online using is the first online shopping mall where a portion of each purchase is donated to your favorite cause. Established in 1997 for one purpose: to turn everyday online shopping into donations for worthy causes, at no cost to shoppers or the causes they support.

The Mall features over 750 top-notch online stores where up to 26% of each purchase is donated to your cause.

Click Here to register and start shopping.
Good Shop and Good Search will donate to Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund each time your shop and each time you search. 
Download the GoodToolbar and your searching and shopping experience will be right at your fingertip.
Monthly Sponsorship

One of the most important ways you can support our animals is to become a monthly sponsor and make a small donation each and every month.

Your donations will add up with other monthly sponsors donations and help care for the animals while we work hard to find them permanent homes. Your monthly donation can support us in many ways, by feeding a dog or a cat each month or make it possible to fully vaccinate, spay/neuter, microchip, and more.

Please visit our "Become a Sponsor" page for more details and to sign up today.
One Time Donation

We are grateful for any and all gifts of any size.  If you would like to give a one-time donation, you can send it online through our secure PayPal account, or you can mail a check to us at:


All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law
Vital Choice Seafood is the best choice you can make for your family and supports Tazzy with a donation for every purchase. You must buy your items through this link or our  donation will not be earned please bookmark our link once you use it.
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