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Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund operates as a full functioning animal rescue, while focusing on seniors and the medically challenged. Our goal is to offer these loving seniors a grand retirement no matter how much time they have left. A medically challenged rescued animal can count on top rated medical care and a safe warm place with lots of love to rest until a forever home is found.

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Tazzy Fund Board Member, Mike Campbell,  started Rock The Dogs to help raise awareness about animal cruelty and neglect. Supported by his fans and holding incredible auctions during tours is just one way Rock The Dogs helps raise funds to support our community programs.
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One of the most important ways you can support our animals is to become a monthly sponsor and make a small donation each and every month.

Your donations will add up with other monthly sponsors donations and help care for the animals while we work hard to find them permanent homes. Your monthly donation can support us in many ways, by feeding a dog or a cat each month or make it possible to fully vaccinate, spay/neuter, microchip, and more.

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There are other ways of helping too.  Visit our How Can I Help  page for more details.
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Day in and day out thousands of shelter dogs languish on cold, hard concrete floors, while cats seek a soft place to rest in their cages.

But you can make a world of difference in a homeless pet’s life by donating a Kuranda bed to the shelter of your choosing.

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This gorgeous girl is looking for a family to love her forever. She is calm, sweet and super dog friendly. She loves everyone!

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